Deciding To Tell It The Way It Really Is - RACISM: Unraveling The Fear
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It's About the Content Of Our Character


After recovering from my mother's death, I found myself divorced, 50 yrs old with a young son. I decided to return to college for a degree in computer sciences.

At first it was difficult competing with fresh high school graduates until I chose a subject to focus my training and experience. To use the Arts and Humanities as vehicles in bringing attention to the importance of Celebrating Cultural Diversity in a community setting. Thus, Scottsdale, AZ, my home ground became my target project area after my studies.

The resistance encountered was fierce and unrelenting, but not from the community or City Officials. Resistance was from a few city employees, who taught me Territorial Bigotry. Their cruelty was deserving of the "in-kind" allowed by Universal Law. 

In spite of difficulties Celebrating Diversity became successful. I stepped down after 7 years as President. And yes, I often felt victimized. 

But those experiences prepared me for a greater passion with knowledge and wisdom from a greater Spirit than my own. It came as Bigotry, yes Bigotry and Racism. I thought I must be losing my mind. However for reasons I cannot explain, I spent hours researching and days on my computer creating a website that would explore diverse levels of a taboo subject even to speak about, RACISM. 

The website became After four years online I am so proud to share with you my joy and passion still.

The website reaches over 140 Countries and 834 locations around the world. Las Vegas leads the USA, followed by Ireland, France, Germany, Ukraine, China, Singapore, Russia, the Netherlands and many more Countries and locations I've not heard of or know how to spell. Thank goodness for Translation apps. 

I've received numerous comments over the years, however among one of the first, was from a mother thanking me for her daughter's growth and understanding of a difficult and complex subject. For me, that's gold, compensating any perceived difficulties I may have experienced. I Am truly blessed. We Are One and It's About Character. I Thank you.  Sandra Rembrandt

P.S. We Are expanding in 2016 creating the International Institute for Character Content Discourse, with global outreach programs on virtues, leadership integrity, mutual respect, as well as, sharing our cultures and ethnicities. I will be asking you for your submissions on subject matters you deem important to share.

We are the examples for our children, grandchildren, and the future of our global humanity. Remember, Its About Character, all of us. Watch this space.

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