It's About the Content Of Our Character
Deciding To Tell It The Way It Really Is - RACISM: Unraveling The Fear
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Saint Petersburg
We Are One
Getting angry with a thing
What Is Self Imposed Ignorance?


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It's About Character
Its About The Content Of Our Character
Our Children's Eyes
Racism and the Humanities
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Self Imposed Ignorance
Terrorism Home Grown Or Otherwise
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White Privilege
Zenobia's Self Talk


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It's About the Content Of Our Character

December 2015

Saint Petersburg

 Saint+Petersburg-66  You are absolutely awesome!!
                               Happy New Year

We Are One


I wish I knew words to heal hearts or ease the outrage that holds our attention. Know I hold you in my heart. I do not know your names, but I feel so honored you visit during such high emotional events. We are One in Ireland, Ukraine, France, California, China, Singapore, in Germany or Las Vegas or St Petersburg, that emotional depth is the same betrayal in human consciousness.

To me, it seems Fear has multipled itself like smoke from a pipe, encircling our world. Dramatic? perhaps so.


The Eyes Of Wonder In Our Children   

This Christmas I was honored to spend Christmas Eve with my friend's grandchildren.  Not minimizing any religious importance of the season, however I was reminded by these little ones of the great Blessings they bring into our adult lives.   

Their eyes filled with exciting wonder, delighted screams of joyous expectation, while coupled with sincere eagerness... accepting new words for the challenges found in brightly colored packages.

Getting angry with a thing

Does it not just blow your mind when you spend hours writing a piece. You SAVE the darn thing several times while writing. You finish the last paragraph, it looks good, maybe a little editing tomorrow. You hit the save one more time. You hit preview......guess what...this damn new smart tablet you just purchased has lost your hours of work. #!?##%

What Is Self Imposed Ignorance?

Domestic Terrorism or Terrorism Anywhere 


Where one group opposes another group based on myths, mis-information, implied or intended in order to have their own way, "tom-foolery". 

Bigotry is the foundation of Racism. And racism is an "action" against a group of human beings to prevent or deny them from enjoying their civil liberties, such as voting, employment, or the same respect racist and bigoted individuals desire for themselves, "Do unto others as you wish them to do unto you.


After recovering from my mother's death, I found myself divorced, 50 yrs old with a young son. I decided to return to college for a degree in computer sciences.

At first it was difficult competing with fresh high school graduates until I chose a subject to focus my training and experience. To use the Arts and Humanities as vehicles in bringing attention to the importance of Celebrating Cultural Diversity in a community setting. Thus, Scottsdale, AZ, my home ground became my target project area after my studies.


Domestic Terrorism - GOP 
Breach of their Oath Of Office 

As a senior citizen looking back, I've never considered myself a violent woman. And, I am not against the GOP in general, because I am a former Republican. However the political speak of late, creates such a Fury of Disappointment in my heart, it's difficult to remind myself that those who defraud and verbally attack the core of all Humanity appear mentally challenged. 

Unfortunately their persistence in supporting words and actions of prejudice, bigotry, terrorism, and racism while ignoring Truth and Democracy, in preference to their own SELF IMPOSED IGNORANCE.