It was not about Guns, it was about Money and Power
Deciding To Tell It The Way It Really Is - RACISM: Unraveling The Fear
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It's About the Content Of Our Character

It was not about Guns, it was about Money and Power

"The True "Takers" of our Government." 
While we're paying the financial and emotional cost

Okay I read the Second Amendment including the National Firearms Act. While I do understand we all have varying opinions about many issues of the day, and that's okay. But, I don't understand how our present political leaders - who were elected by the People can ignore the will of those who elected them. Democracy - for the people, by the people appears of no importance to these political leaders (to me such behaviors mirrors Nazi Germany.) We the people had better pay more attention and decide if we really want to lose our freedom, as well as, our FREE WILL.

To me, it appears too many "so-called" politicians (GOP) have absolutely no intentions of respecting the basic ideology of Democracy. Many could fit the mold of being racist, but I won't go that far, McConnel is old, has lost touch what Humanity really is, and doesn't remember what integrity is. Though I am not a professional in this area, yet common sense tells me, Democracy cannot exist without INTEGRITY.

Over the past dozen years or so, we as a people have been financially burdened with Corporate robbery, Wall Street trickery, the betrayal and breach of sworn Oath from GOP leadership. These selfish egos of elected officials - who appear only concerned about their next election, personal agendas and lining their own pockets, (Insider Trading, illegal for us, however they got away with it)  their message appears "Let them eat cake." These politicians get a free ride for the rest of their lives, including their families. Should we be demanding the return of these ill-gotten gains?

These individuals should be arrested and tried for TREASON, as their alliances and loyalties are to Corporations, (let's not forget the Pharmaceutics and Oil Corporations bleeding us) including greedy millionaires whose idea of Capitalism is "MORE" and "More" profits, no matter the cost, impact, or the destruction of this democracy. 

Guess who actually ends up paying the bills for these political tyrants for the rest of their lives, and their families. It appears their only vision is to RULE by destroying the very fabric of our Country. (More visions of Nazi Germany - the old game of "bait and switch.") 

We as a Country are being destroyed from the inside out, and, we - you and me are paying the freight. These politicians have betrayed and defrauded us, the American People. I am personally sickened by their arrogance and outright lies presented by these thoughtless individuals, "the Do Nothing Congress", (they know who they are) who pretend to embrace the ideology of Christianity, asking for the best in us. 

The "So-called" Christian values they profess is but veil of deceit to usurp the "FREE WILL" of humankind, the gift given by God. Politically and religiously they ignore the purposeful journey of Jesus Christ or that of all humanity. These "TAKERS" have decided GOD is Imperfect, in error. So they have appointed themselves gods and rulers to do away with the idea of free will for benefit of their own self interest. They are the true "TAKERS" of America, they are the political Bandits and Domestic Terrorist. As Terrorist they preach FEAR, give misinformation for personal gain like any shady figure, devoid of Character. 

We as a People should not accept this type criminal behavior, we wouldn't take this conduct from our neighbors, family members or others, why are taking this from those who defy the Will of the American People? 

Shame on US, you and me. We MUST find a way to be a true DEMOCRACY again. We must find a away together -- without violence, or disrespect for the rights of others, we must find it with honor, truth and integrity. We must get smarter! We must not sleep when the wind blows. We must be vigilant to save ourselves and our Country. 

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