Racial bigotry born of myth and misinformation
Deciding To Tell It The Way It Really Is - RACISM: Unraveling The Fear
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It's About the Content Of Our Character

Racial bigotry born of myth and misinformation

Deciding To Tell It The Way It Really Is


  Racism:  A crime against Humanity, a negative action against a
                                       group of human beings.
                      Racist:    A negative act or actions against a person, a human being
                                       to gain control over another for personal gain for power,
                                       to use a human being for PERSONAL benefit.
                      Racial Bigotry: Generally based on myth and misinformation, even
                                       when truth is known or available. A bigot is anyone who
                                       refuses to act on truth, a self-imposed ignorance, an emotional
                                       psychological commitment to ignorance. Now recognized
                                       an Emotional Disorder or a Disease. (AMA)

Racism is Terrorism and is very personal to targets caught in this ungodly, selfish, cruel and disgusting activity. The emotional impact of Racism is psychological devastation. Those engaged is this activity, no matter skin color should be given the government's severest punishment. Such punishments should include Political Leaders, Religious Leaders, and our current Educational System steeped in Institutionalized Racism, who currently and openly practice coded racist activities without consequences. 

Racism continues to exist today because we accept it, because
we don't want to get involved. We accept extremely bad
behavior from our politicians who lie to us, cheat and steal,
including our religious leaders who cover-up, suppress and withhold information to benefit themselves, as well as Corporate Business'. i.e. BP Oil, remember them? Their "you people" attitudes after causing Billions of damages to our water ways, plus the untold damages,
in the irretrievable losses to human families and small business. 

Isn't it time for you and me to decide who we are as a people? 
Perhaps some personal Self-Assessment could be helpful for each
of us to discover what's in our hearts.

Government can't fix this national inner struggle of racism!

This challenge is up to us, you and me, including our families
and friends. It's up to us to decide the character of our country
by what's in our hearts. We have a responsibility, not to a
political mind set, but to humankind, all humanity beyond our
ability to imagine the future. It's up to us how long racism will be
an issue in this country. We must decide who we are. Are
our racist issues truly about the content of our character?
Yours and Mine?

RACISM: Unraveling The Fear

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