A Bigot , Where? Who? Me!?
Deciding To Tell It The Way It Really Is - RACISM: Unraveling The Fear
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It's About the Content Of Our Character

A Bigot , Where? Who? Me!?

The Aftermath Of The Vote 
Identity Crisis - Blacklash
 Racial Conditioning

Our 2012 Congress of the Republican brand appear as lost 'white men' of status quo. They saunter right turns,   cunning reactionary behaviors with blank expressions of dismay. We all are effected by Racial Conditioning, no matter skin color. Racial conditioning effects our 
emotional psyche and does not filter fact from fiction. 
The reality now, the lost white men are beginning to 
face - they are not Superior, nor are they Entitled over other human beings. 

These 'lost men of the Status Quo' face a world unfamiliar, the world they knew has long faded in the generations pastAnother reality - the  existence of a national social culture class, previously invisible or 
deemed unimportant. The ethnic minority
Yes, the power struggle for consensus in Washington goes on. But still at its core, it is about bigotry, racism 
and Ignorance. It's also about Individual personal human 
identity - it's emotional - it's personal - what seemingly 
is minor issue in the broad scheme of priorities.  Yet its affects can bring down the pinnacle of manhood, where money is worthless and power is impotent.

Never thought thinking this,  but,...perhaps Mr. Romney is the face of the white man's Identity crisis, and his intellectual struggle to remain relevant.Most of this ilk are products born of misinformation, myth, and Beaver TV. 
Racial Conditioning of the 50's. Bigotry a psychological - emotional commitment to ignorance.

Now for the theory: Racism Is A Disease, becomes think-able as an Identity Crisis Depression. 

To my thinking - racism and bigotry - our challenge for survival, it's all about the 
Content of our Character..

A BIGOT ?   WHERE ?    WHO? - ME !?
The Identity Reality
by Sandra Rembrandt 
written July 28, 2012

My mother Susan was born in 1920, Ardmore, OK, but adopted at five by a family in Little Rock, AK. Mother never talked about her family or made reference to life before her adoption. My parents were divorced early in my childhood, yet I knew my father's ethnic heritage African American.

My mother's physical appearance resembled that of Native Americans, she never protested the connection, 
so it was presumed her ethnic background was that of Native American, given her place of birth and physical appearance. She passed away in 1982. I am her only child. 

During my 60's, I decided to have my DNA tested. 
However DNA test results told a very different story. 
Absolutely no Native American, you can't imagine my 
confusion learning my true ethnic heritage. I am half  
Sub-Saharan African, half Indo-European, nothing else. 

During my lifetime - I've purchased African and Native 
American decorative artistic items, presenting personal 
identity with Ethnic flare around my home. For a time, I felt stupid, a fraud.

How did that happened – Wow! Suddenly I was
dissociated with all I thought I knew. My identity-self confused, a real Who Am I? For a time I didn't feel authentic - a person - yes. Human – of course, but a 
Person Being – asking where do I nest? 

Thankfully I've grown since then, I've come to recognized new and added dimensions - to this, my world view. But I'm a tough old woman, discovering a more profound purpose, as navigate this, now My Sunset Journey.

Before learning of my DNA, I recall bragging about - I had no European blood! - now how creepy Is this ?

       -My spouse's ethnic DNA heritage was European 

Don't know where that bit of bigotry came from, I guess you could say I had some bigoted ideas dancing somewhere in my head. Even Me! a cultural diversity activist, publicly coming to the support of all ethnic minorities most of my adult life. 

Since I am my mother's only child - I would like to know more about Indo-European(s). I'd like to know if I have relatives somewhere.  Anyway today, I've broaden my view, I call this 
"My Sunset Journey." Now come! walk about with me....... 

My Sunset Journey 
the 73 year

I came to rest by the side of the road. 
The patahead looked familiar, but 
different somehow, with challenging 
twists and turns. Though the journey 
ahead appeared extraordinarily long and 
deep the actual crossing to the other 
side appeared not too far. 

Now what? Then came the realization 
I had reached the precipice of sunsets.
That moment of awareness of self found 
me benumbed, without thought or word.

Then as breath and air brought focus 
to the now, an exquisite perfect moment 
occurred, an inner knowing embraced 
and held with grateful recognition.
Thank You, I whispered, feeling a 
smile, I am safe, I can sleep 
when the wind blows

What meaning, I can sleep when the 
wind blows. Have no fear? The way is clear. 
These words long familiar, yet never 
settled in truth til now. 

Eager to learn, I walked to the edge of 
the precipice. As my eyes adjusted to the
 vastness of forever tomorrows, 
a relenting ego surrendered so Spirit.
Stunned, I saw my Sunset being born.

I remember how the air opened, offering 
scents after rain, while myriads of vibrant 
colors streamed from the storehouse 
of wisdom, weaving, re-reweaving lessons 
from past journeys into a carpet 
leading to my future.

I saw colors – orange, yellow, red and violet
 whip across the blue vastness, ripping and 
twirling as dancers, inspiring ballet moves to 
the dance of fire, a dance of forgiveness, 
followed by freedom, hope and love.

With quiet anticipation, noting a chuckle, 
I stepped onto the lighted path, remembering 
passions of early springs now with eyes 
twinkling in thought, I can do This, I said. 

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drawing by Sandra Rembrandt

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