It's About the Content Of Our Character
Deciding To Tell It The Way It Really Is - RACISM: Unraveling The Fear
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It's About the Content Of Our Character

May 2012

For me. this is what racism feels like!

Artistic rendition of Elijah Abel. In 1836 First African American to receive the Priesthood in the Mormon church

When I first read the lines,
"Who did you sell my family to?",
It broke my heart.


for me, this is what RACISM feels like!

Is Racism ts a disease

Much is being said about Racism being a disease, with characteristics resembling a drug addiction. The more I considered that possibility, 
a considerable amount of scientific research supports, Racism is a disease and America's fixation on race and racism, has reached critical mass.This obsession with race, unfortunately renders that one a drug addict. Like the drug addicted, the willing-ness to go to any length to satisfy the cravings for more power  to lord over another, even to the point of self destruction. Such is the case in Washington, D.C.