It's About the Content Of Our Character
Deciding To Tell It The Way It Really Is - RACISM: Unraveling The Fear
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George Zimmerman's Trial
It's About Character
Its About The Content Of Our Character
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Racism and the Humanities
Racism: Bigotry On Steroids
Self Imposed Ignorance
Terrorism Home Grown Or Otherwise
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What does Racism feel like
White Privilege
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It's About the Content Of Our Character

George Zimmerman's Trial - It's About Racism

Uhmmm, Zimmerman mentoring African American Youths huh? Was this ever checked or verified.

This theory seems Out of Sync to me. Mentoring a specific ethnic minority group would normally sensitize the Mentor to the mindset of the group being mentored.  Or it can presumed GZ is the biggest BIGOT with cruel superiority intentions toward the youth. Why? 
Depending upon Zimmerman's actions or words can be defined racist.

One cannot provide true mentor-ship to youthful members of our society without knowing something about them or empathy for them.


Hi Everyone,
  Just after Christmas, Dec. 28th I had a Lupus flare-up that caused me to take some down time.But I'm backand ready to go! Starting tomorrow Monday, Jan. 21st I'm ready to get back to work giving my thoughts and fact-checked information as before. 
  I do apologize for my absence and I missed reading your comments, as well as, a felt a bit guilty not being in touch. 
  However, I want to thank everyone who continued with the 

A Bigot , Where? Who? Me!?

The Aftermath Of The Vote 
Identity Crisis - Blacklash
 Racial Conditioning

Our 2012 Congress of the Republican brand appear aslost'white men' of status quo. They saunter right turns,   cunning reactionary behaviors with blank expressions of dismay. We all are effected by Racial Conditioning, no matter skin color. Racial conditioning effects our 
emotional psyche and does not filter fact from fiction. 
The reality now, the lost white men are beginning to 

WHITE PRIVILEGE-Why Our Government Can't Fix Racism

      Below is an excellent well written article by Peggy McIntosh. a white woman who stayed the course with courage, to Unpack the Invisible Knapsack of White Privilege. This is a read well worth your time, if interested in such things. McIntosh's racial revelation underscores why racism can only be arrested, diminished or resolved by us, you and me - the "grass-roots" of our neighborhoods and the hard work of self-assessment.  

Sing Along With Me-" We Are One Family"

We Are One Family
Red Grammer
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Sing Along With Me -  Pass It 

More Than Meets The Eye

Are We Really Paying Attention 
There's more than meets the eye

   Our 2012 Fall political season is in full bloom. I love the Ideal
our Country strives to be and applaud the efforts big and small of those who came before. Their efforts allows me the freedom to voice my opinion. Also, I am very grateful to be aware I have an opinion.
    Unfortunately all too often, we, you and me are presented with out right lies and deplorable behaviors unbecoming our Political and Religious Leaders.

Do racist think that because they are white, they are superior?

"Do racist think that because they are white, they are superior? "

One doesnothave to be white to be a racist. Racism can be identified anywhere in the world. it is when one group appears different from the other in skin color, culture, class or national origin, discrimination often occurs against the other group, most often based in myth and misinformation.

Without intervention this prejudice turns hateful, each group no longer relates to each other as human beings, but something sub-human.

Zenobia's Self Talk Newsletter No. 001

.Many years I've been like a fly on the wall,  just listening, watching and learning.   I'm honored  to share  what I know and understand,  including that which I've come to know and identify  so far,   as  racism, prejudice, bigotry and discrimination.  
    Capitalism is over reaching again, using social issues and coded racism to promote fear, doubt and confusion, peppered with slight of hand and mis-direction.

For me. this is what racism feels like!

Artistic rendition of Elijah Abel. In 1836 First African American to receive the Priesthood in the Mormon church

When I first read the lines,
"Who did you sell my family to?",
It broke my heart.


for me, this is what RACISM feels like!

Is Racism ts a disease

Much is being said about Racism being a disease, with characteristics resembling a drug addiction. The more I considered that possibility, 
a considerable amount of scientific research supports, Racism is a disease and America's fixation on race and racism, has reached critical mass.This obsession with race, unfortunately renders that one a drug addict. Like the drug addicted, the willing-ness to go to any length to satisfy the cravings for more power  to lord over another, even to the point of self destruction. Such is the case in Washington, D.C.