Exploring Racism and the Content of our Character - ZENOBIAS SELF TALK
Deciding To Tell It The Way It Really Is - RACISM: Unraveling The Fear

ZENOBIA'S  Self Talk

"Do Racist Think That Because They
Are White They Are Superior?"

ZenobiaOne does not have to be white to
be a racistRacism can be identified anywhere in the world. it is when one group appears different from the other in skin color, culture, class or national origin, discrimination often occurs against the other group, most often based on myth and misinformation. 
Without intervention this prejudice turns hateful, each group no longer relate to the other as human beings, but something less-than or sub-human would be the justification to control the actions of another for personal adulation, gain and profit.
The trappings of Greed promises more power, more control, over the actions of a certain target group: human beings, but considered less than. Racism is the under belly of Voter I.D. Laws, to address Voter Fraud. Voter fraud is code,  however fraud incidence reports less than one per cent. The reality of Voter I.D. unfairly impacts the civil liberties of a certain segment of the population. A political strategy to suppress the vote in their favor, that's racism a crime against humanity. It would appear The Federal Fraud Act would address these issues against humanity.
The difficulty and challenge for whites, is to recognize their racial obsession is vested in years of denial, mistakenly believing racism does not affect them. However present day scientific studies indicate, it is the white race who appear to be more fixated on Race. Source CNN-Anderson Cooper Special - "Kids on Race" - April 3rd, 2012
This psychological race based skin color fixation is additionally grounded in "ones self-image" identity of the white male vision of himself. Please do understand this issue is much deeper than the simple example I've given here.
Where did this idea of Superiority come from? The Puritans in 1634, "The Divine Right to Occupy The Land."These Christians from Europe, believed themselves Agents of God, and therefore"it was God's will that they should inhabit all the World. "
This Superiority over all others came from their European education and experience of the time: left-over Flat Earth Societies, Inquisitions, Witch Trials and "Bleedings" for what ails you. While parts of Africa, fine surgical steel implements were used to perform cataract surgery on the eye. 
Getting closer to the issue, several weeks ago a noted politician while being interviewed, his self-styled white superiority mindset, pumped with prejudice and bigotry, Pat Buchanan, confirmed his bias, "whites are superior in intelligence" he said. Yet the example he referenced to highlight that superior intelligence were the creators of the U.S. Constitution.
Perhaps Mr Buchanan had a 'Betsy Ross' moment. In fact, the
U.S. Constitution is a by-product of the "League of Iroquois' The Great Law Of Peace", except for the total equality for women,  excluded until 1920 Voting Rights passage. Racism is Prejudice and Bigotry turned hate. "Prejudice is an unquestioned emotional belief in a falsehood believed to be true. In other words, "Prejudice is an emotional commitment to Ignorance." Bigotry is swelled pride, with feelings of Superiority. While I strongly disagree with Mr. Buchanan's ideology on most issues, his honesty is appreciated and respected.

 This white race fixation is controlled by the disease of Racism, is as addictive as any drug like Heroin or Cocaine, where the addicted behavior is liken to a drug addict on the prowl, unpredictable behavior, thoughtless and selfish no matter the cost. (sounds like the 2012 Congress to me.) 
How in the world is racism a disease?  Come back soon I'll share what
the AMA has said about that. Including the professional documentation
from Sociologist and Psychiatrist.
Now, time to chuckle at the madness we
humans created for ourselves
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