Exploring Racism and the Content of our Character - RACIAL CONDITIONING
Deciding To Tell It The Way It Really Is - RACISM: Unraveling The Fear
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How racism, prejudice and bigotry 
survives and flourishes in our families.

WHAT IS RACIAL CONDITIONING _____________________________

Be Informed
Racism is a Crime, a Crime against the
Human Race, A Crime against Humanity
EXACTLY What is Racism - What Is Prejudice - What Is Bigotry 

The Same,But DifferentThe Truth of Racism in America, is the Conditioning, the suppression of truth, including the denial of a people, various cover-ups to hide inhumane misdeeds without thought or care for human life. Those who perpetrate this behavior for personal recognition and financial benefit, in the broad view of humanity is likened to a Rapist or a mad dog waiting to attack. This cruel activity brings untold emotional and psychological damage to Human Beings. Racism is Greed. Racism is Arrogance.
Racism is selfish ignorance and speaks volumes about the personalities who enjoy inflicting harm on another. Racism can only be successful if its practice is joined by others of the same mindset.

Of course racism is a disease, equal to a drug addict in denial. No one willingly admits knowing anyone involved with terrorism, racism or is a racist. They often point to the effects of racism (which is violence), their body language indicating, they would never have a part in such things.

Thanks to the Puritans, on the heels of the Middle ages of Europe with attempts to purify Christianity, the dregs of the Inquisitions coupled with an ignorance of the world, declared them-selves superior to other human beings encountered. Believing they were agents of God from England Now if you ever wanted to really get even and kick butt. this would be the place to start, as this superiority declaration is how racism got started in America,

Unfortunately after more than 400 years, racism continues to thrive in our politics, our religion, and our educational system. Of course the word is veiled in code, because it is immoral and a crime that's actionable, if proven. Still the actions of, and the effects of racism serves up anger, hurt, rage and at times violence. America is not unique with its racist values. The people of Syria can attest to how bad it can get. Lets not go there. Remember racism cannot be effective or survive if it has no member-contributors, intentional or by omission.

Think on that for a minute. This is the mental picture we get thinking about racism that makes us uncomfortable. It is the violence we shun, we don't think of the injustice or the harm to another. we glaze over, turn on the TV, watch the news, see some young white guy beaten by blacks or the other way around, and we say, "Isn't that a shame," then turn off the lights and go to bed. We tend not to get involved leaving such things to the authorities.

Actually racism is also a mind game to break the Spirit of a human being, as breaking the spirit of a horse to control its actions for personal gain and profit. An intentional act to subdue and control by force if necessary. An individual of this mind set, ignores or is devoid of Christian doctrine, "Love thy neighbor as thy self", or The Golden Rule: "Do unto to others as you would have them do unto you". Or, the law of Moses and the ten commandments. Believe it or not, Justice is inexorable, in this world or the next. We live in a dimension that supports a world of duality . There are always choices, may not like the choices, but always we have a choice.

I do realize I'm asking a lot from you, your time to consider such unpleasantness. However the request is honest, the purpose is urgent. Our Democracy verses Plutocracy = APARTHEID American style.  We're all in this together.

Not who do we stand with? But rather, where do WE place our own individual values with respect to the broad sense of the  "Who am I" question asked with quiet words in our self talk. It is to that essence our personal choices and boundaries are born. Do we honor that essence of ourselves even when it is inconvenient? Where do we stand then?

Several days before graduating from graphic design school, the instructor posed this: It is a good idea to choose your level of integrity now, before you need it.. he said, each of you are artist in commerce. So, if in your work you are asked to take on an advertising account for a cigarette company. The pay is great and there's a promotion involved. Only your core belief is against smoking, not a good thing. What do you do? Take the job, it's business. Stand on your belief structure, honor your own essence with respect.

As we each consider what would we do? There are no right or wrong answers, each decision is valid to each. We get to personally decide or choose where we stand individually.

That's hard work and takes courage. So I applaud those who dare to challenge themselves.

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