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Deciding To Tell It The Way It Really Is - RACISM: Unraveling The Fear
Are We Really Paying Attention 
There's more than meets the eye
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     I love the Ideal our Country strives to be and applaud the efforts big and small of those who came before, that allows me the freedom, not only to voice my opinion but so very grateful to be aware I have an opinion. 
Unfortunately all too often, we, you and me are presented with out right lies and deplorable behaviors unbecoming our Political and Religious Leaders. Our children are expected to overlook poor behavior because it's "just political" words, a game. When did we lose our grip on honesty and integrity to the coded racial negativity, the arrogant and bigoted messages that inflame. 
Voter suppression with its anti-American view of "We The People" negativity impacts and restricts the freedoms and civil liberties of a targeted group of Americans. It is Racism at work.  It is Capitalism's over reaching hand into our Democracy, which will continue to influence the power of the Status Quo, who remain oblivious to those unlike themselves.   Capitalism and fanatical Religion's will press for a strangle-hold on Democracy in preference Plutocracy. Capitalism's dark side,?Greed and Prejudice. Dark side of fanatical Religions puffed-up egos of "self-righteousness" and bigotry directed towards those unlike themselves.
Capitalism propped up a Peter Principled front man for the benefit of establishing a Plutocracy style government, an Apartheid America. But their 2012 efforts failed. After all the intellectual language you can stand, notice the cloaked back story, the real reality show (see White Privilege). Accepting Senatorial words spoken in boastful pride, was about getting that "black man" out of the White House! No matter the cost, no matter what! That mind-set revealed an ignorance with a lack of Character. 
The Presidential race oozed RACISM, bigotry, prejudice, and skin color 
discrimination. The political affects of the 2012 presidential race was  personal, for African Americans, Latinos, Asians, women.
For others, a (was) reckoning for the many generations who endured with  strength of character. Yet, their names and contributions dismissed, or omitted in history by all white government approved educational writings for the United States educational system. Unfortunately that same Disrespect for humankind continues, intellectual bigotry still speaks with demeaning arrogance, while the 'tell' will unmask deception. 
Citing a return to 1636 values for all unlike themselves in religious beliefs or geographical ancestral DNA. Caucasian European's announced they themselves, to be superior to all other human beings in the New World. 
While insecurities are tied to past errors, we find that current far 'right' National leadership concerns, gave way (2009) to that of personal individual financial she number One spot no longer a guarantee for white skin only. Although the Race was about politics, at its core it's personal for both sides, the dynamics for all the marbles will depend our understanding of democracy and our values, individually and collectively. Realizing personal physical character measures, including that of testosterone masculine identity from #1 to #2 ?, personal youth agility and shoe size. 
A topic to consider:
Our Purpose
Our Purpose: To spotlight and bring attention to our humanity, individually and collectively. And to employ the arts and humanities as vehicles, in creating non-threatening environments to discuss and examine sensitive issues such as Racism, Prejudice, and Bigotry including examining and understanding our own Human Values.       
In addition, since we are the example for our Youth we must clarify the importance of the Content of our Character  in all areas of life. Create formats to remind our political and religious leaders, Words have power,  an unseen energy with the power to create or destroy the emotional fiber of a human being. Our children are looking to us for the example: the true value and meaning of Content of our Character. 
Likened this to the wind, as it cannot be seen, only its effect seen, only it's pressure felt, so too the effect of Words, convey negative or positive influences to the spirit of human existence.     
Our Vision
Our Vision:  Grassroots spotlight across the country - the necessity for interested neighbors, families and friends to participate in programs and discussions supportive of understanding the cultural and ethnic dynamics of others. True efforts to that end and the acceptance of our own respect for universal virtues, can lay waste to so-call Racial Divide.
Our Mission:  Provide information for individual communities to create unique programming such as, cross cultural communication, thus the need for bigotry is no longer.
Our Goal:  Continue to disseminate free of charge, fact checked information with a format based on positive non-blaming content. 
Community Outreach:  Encourage corporate citizens and small
business groups to support community activities in the formation
of community workshops and executive conferences with current data providing non-threatening environments and opportunities, where creativity's interaction with the human spirit may flourish and survive. 
Racism cost America more than Five Hundred (500) Billion dollarper year! We must rid ourselves from this fixation about race. Racism is counter-productive to our future as a people and as a country. 
Artistry In Rhythm
Stan Kenton
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What of our own racist thoughts, our own prejudices we dare not speak about at least not in public, what of us, what of you and me.  
Racism exist because we have allowed it to exist. We turn our 
heads proclaiming to self, let the government handle, we've got the laws we affirm. But, then we realize we are not discussing a law, we're talking about a person, a human being with feelings.  
We're talking about the Humanity of our Country as well as, the Humanity of the world and the children of the future.
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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Speech(I Have A Dream)
Content Of Their Character

Could the Content of Our Character allow us
to revisit our own mindset on personal values.
Should Content of our Character be a
value, even when it is inconvenient ?
If we focus more on the
Content of our Character,
can we really heal racism?
Where do we stand in the
eyes of our own Humanity?
In other words, what
kind of people are we?
Prejudice:     Is an unquestioned emotional belief in a falsehood
                    believed to be truth. (see John Cotton 1632 -1636)
Bigotry:   Is swelled pride, with feelings of Superiority - looking down on another Human Being with disrespect "You People" attitude. "I may think it, but I won't say it." 


Believe it or not, our actions, by intent or omission, will always betray our true thoughts. The 'tell' is in the eyes and tonal vibration quality of energy waves released with insincere gestures.

Some Self Talk Thoughts To Consider
  • Important or Not ? What does it mean?
  • Where should I really place my values?
  • Does character matter in Business?
  • Character, is an unfashionable retro idea, 
  • It's a different time, too busy.
  • Is Character in Politics Important? 
  • Politics is a blood sport. Character? Are you kidding?
  • Character, values, and honesty is out of place in business? 
  • Is it "Pollyanna" to be Kind?
  • Is it lame to show manners with family and friends?
  • Nice guys finish last, we want to make money
  • Is it okay to lie sometimes? Just a small white lie maybe?
  • What does my character have to do with racism?
  • Racism is what blacks always claim to get free stuff
  • Racism is about slavery, slavery doesn't exist, racism doesn't exist 
  • People interpret kindness for weakness!
A few non-scientific, self-assessments suggestions for self assessments in moderating our own value systems, while acknowledging cultural and ethnic value systems that speaks to the framework by which we individually live our lives, (the individual different drummer's beat we each hear or unknowingly step to.)  An important step in owning our own truth. Something to think about from time to time -  where we as a people place our boundaries, even when its inconvenience. There are no right or wrong answers, it's about who we are, who we think we are, or want to be. Or, perhaps it's about what's in our hearts, and why? Or, what to do with what we know as truth. 
Can we consume the power attached to prejudice from within? Will we recognize our own essence - that "suchness" that says, "this is me - this is who I am. ###

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