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    Virtues To Ponder 

         CONTENT  Of  Our  CHARACTER

Acceptance, Beauty, Commitment, Grace, Compassion, 
 Confidence, Devotion, Enthusiasm, Joy, Forgiveness, Idealism, Joy, Justice, Love, Moderation,


      The Virtue of *Self Discipline                  

Personal *Responsibility and care of our physical bodies. Often in our society, women who are our care-givers, forget to care for themselves, I share the wisdom from my Mom. 
"Don't forget to 'mother' yourself."

Words from:
The Wisdom Of Women
ISBN 1-880032-09-0

"Your nutrition can determine how you look, act, and feel; whether you are grouchy or cheerful, homely or beautiful, physiologically young or old; whether you think clearly or are confused, enjoy your work or make it a drudgery, increase your earning power or stay in an economic rut. The foods you eat can make the difference between your day ending with freshness which lets you enjoy a delightful evening or with exhaustion which forces you to bed with the chickens."