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           Biographical Sketch - The 73rd Year
        I am Sandra Rembrandt, I'm an Artist, a writer and author. I am also known as Ardnas Fine Arts. Although I have a very famous last name in the art world, I am not connected in any way to the Old Master Painter (1609-1669) Rembrandt vanRijn. Nor do I pretend to emulate or draw reference to, it's just a name I have.
I am frequently asked if there is a relationship. In fact the famous Dutch artist's first name was Rembrandt.
In the States, "Rembrandt" as family name began showing up in the late 18th and 19th Centuries. Rembrandt families are scattered across the country, most in Florida, Texas, and California. 
My artistic journey began with classical training at the College of Art and Design, Detroit Institute of Fine Arts, the Detroit Art Institute. The Chicago Academy of Fine Arts. I enjoyed a National and International Collector's
following in the 70's and 80's, most notably, the Chicago Art Museum. My work has been featured in American Visions, a national magazine and most recently featured in Exponent II.
Lastly, the goal here is to share a different perspective on Racism  Encourage individual self assessments by one's own value system. You will  not be asked to change your point of view, or to accept mine.  

You will not be required to purchase memberships or pay downloading fees. The 54 minute professional video - Conference Talk, by author Nat Rutstein, RACISM: Unraveling the Fear, is offered FREE to anyone to Download and share with family and friends.

I Am responsible for the format and editorial content of this website. I AM A Woman On A Mission, making available fact-checked information,  a foundation for positive dialogue on race relations.  Perhaps the real question is, what will we personally do, with what we learn?
Should you find the website of value, please do pass it on.

Public Service Background + Commitment to share repressed religious or political information; Identify symptoms and affects of racism. Rediscover the content of our character verses racist ideology. There are no right or wrong answers, information shared from this website may or may not be a value for you, and that's okay. The ability to extend the virtues of grace including honor and respect for another human being who differs, is recognizing the humanity in humankind, Kindness and Integrity. Think on that.

How I know what I know
Miles Davis
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(Oh, the memories left behind: Miles Davis, Lenny Bruce, Blossom Deary,
 Charlie Mingus, Prestige, Riverside, Argo and Sue, 1962 Greenwich Village,) 

Educational Background
  • Detroit Institute of Technology (DIT) Psychology Major. Languages-Minor, Latin, French, German
  • Detroit, Society of Arts and Crafts - Advertising Design
  • Detroit Art Institute, Sculpture
  • Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, Photography;
  • Vermont College Study - At Menopause: WHO AM I ?
  • Phoenix Arizona, Collins College, Computer Sciences,
                                                   Computer Graphic Design
  • Arizona State University - Non-profit Management                              
  • The Virtues Project: Certified Facilitator, Intensive
Early Work Experience
Position /w State of Florida - Statewide Recruitment Supervisor,
Employment Interviewer/Counselor, job placement specialist and Employment Benefits Adviser.
Sarasota County EEO Affirmation Action & Grievance Officer,
Special Training – Employment and Training Administration, U. S. Dept of Labor, EEO Complaint Investigation Procedures. Planning, Implementation, Administration, Monitoring and Interpersonal Relationships. Reader, Interpreter and a recognized Proofer for CFR's Federal Guidelines, U. S. Dept of Labor
Personnel Director, Hialeah Housing Authority, 
Development Personnel handbook and grievance procedures for employees preview and access employee grievances for Hearings
  • Co-owner & Assoc Editor; Hialeah Home News a
             local bi-lingual weekly
  • Founder & Publisher:  National Foundation For
            Human Relations The Grass Roots Examiner - A 
            national publication spotlighting epidemic suicides of 
            detained Haitian refugees experiencing extreme 
            processing delays and deplorable living conditions at 
            Chrome Detention Center in Florida 
  • Rembrandt Productions:  "DALLAS"  Theme fundraiser
             Community Event, co-sponsored in part: 
             Chevron Oil, Lorimar, Culver City, and
             Cattleman's, Dixon, CA  Gershwin Goes to Dixon 
             "Where Culture and Agriculture Meet" Rhapsody In 
             Blue with The Fairfield Symphony 
Community Service
  • Graduate of Scottsdale Leadership Class VII
  • Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce Member 
               Served as Ambassador
  • Education Committee ’Principal for a Day - Hohokum 
  • Scottsdale Unified School District -  
                Cultural Diversity Task Force                                                                                       
  • Internship – Computer Graphics – Computer Art

  • Scottsdale Community Cultural Diversity Council:                                  Treasurer Executive Committee
  • City of Scottsdale - Volunteer: Scottsdale Visioning 
  • Arts & Culture Committee, City Charter Review Commission 
  • Scottsdale Center of the Arts: Center Advisory Board
  • Scottsdale Progress Tribune: Community Advisory Board.
  • 1992 recognized by the City of Phoenix Neighborhood Fight  Back

  • 1992 Received Non-Profit Status for the Institute For The 
         Celebration of  Cultural Diversity Through the Arts and  
         Humanities; Held first Martin Luther King breakfast in Scottsdale,
         Arizona, guest speaker: Joe Rogers, Lt. Governor of Colorado.

        Institute for the Celebration of Cultural Diversity
        Through the Arts & Humanities, ICCD. Immediate 
        Past President & Member Emeritus.

1993  Recognized by the Arizona National Guard 
    "                 City of Scottsdale recognizes 
                        "Celebrate Diversity Week"

      "                            "Walk the Talk" Awards-Key Speaker
 Arizona Governor Fife Syminington

1996  Humanitarian Award, Arizona Buffalo Soldiers;
    "    Scottsdale’s Most Influential Women;
    "    Judge at the 24th Annual Miss Black Arizona - Scholarship
1998  Recognized by Universal Declaration of Human Rights
         Proclamation from Arizona Governor Jane Hull
     Business Volunteers for the Arts
January 2000 Recognized by City of Scottsdale AZ
January 12th 2000 Sandra Rembrandt Day
Feb.  2000 - Profile recognized in Arizona Woman;
         2001 - Feature-Magazine Cover Business Journal  
Jan.   2003 - World Religion Day - Producer & Art Director
                          Scottsdale Community College George  
                            Gershwin and Martin Luther King, Jr.

May 11, 2004
             An International World Tour, featuring K. C. Porter, 
             Three (3) times Grammy Winner. Held at the 
             Scottsdale Center For The Arts.

Other Interest & Hobbies
REMBRANDT PRODUCTIONS                      
BIGOTRY IS NOT A VIRTUE                         
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