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This website is about Racism, Prejudice, Bigotry, and Character. Racism, a subject most are uneasy,  or are uncomfortable  discussing. Why? 

Just the word Racism, written or spoken, has this unseen power that can set our Emotions on edge. Just the vibrational  pitch (Universal Law of Vibration) of the word, racism can quiet a room or end a conversation. 
Unaware internalized racial conditioning sends images of violence, (affects) feelings of fear, thoughts for safety, some "righteous" anger, including who or what is to blame. We even get angry because we Fear.  Mostly this resistance is grounded in myth, misinformation,  including our social apathy toward ethnic cultures of others, even globally.

The website is also about the "how" racism is experienced, its impact when new information is introduced. One of  our Country's most serious problem is Bigotry turning into active Racism. 

Racism effects all of us regardless of skin color. The issue involves Human Beings, not politics, or religion, but a member of the Human Race, deserving of like respect, we value for ourselves.
The idea of Superiority and the lust for power, identified as the Status Quo, fearfully fighting to hold on to that power of coded racism. Latest national statistics identify the extreme "Right" ideology being mired in obsolete paradigms. 

Meaning  those supportive of that particular ideology appear stuck psychologically in a changing world that's intimidating and frightening to the Status Quo. Now, that's my understanding of the "Peter Principles." (dated, but accurate descriptions)                             

UPDATE: 2008-2016 reviewing accomplishments, Congressional and Senatorial behaviors reflects Right Wing leadership's lead 'Stop that Black man.' So determined to obstruct President Obama, any Legislative Bill or Government Business coming from that 'black man' the President of the United States, even when such, originated with the Right Wing.  Including much of the People's business, even to shutting down the Government.  

Their Obstructionism appeared arrogant selfish adolescents 'king of the hill' power plays. At every opportunity Right Wing leadership showed disrespect for the man, as well as, the Office of the Presidency. Elected government officials presented their own Character disrespectful, rude and offensive to the American People, the Democracy, including Breaching the Oath Of Office agreeing to uphold the Constitution and the Democracy.   

These Legislators choose their personal political ambitions and political party affiliations, over the people's highest National statistical data, measuring the wants and desires of the people. 
Almost 8 years of coded racial overtones, divisive language, and rising local hate crimes, dismissive in manner and continuous negative words, Spewing fear, anger, bigotry and hate. Active acts of racism? Creating barriers to voting rights directed at Human Beings with skin color unlike their own. (the code)

Supposedly justifying their legislative behavior as needed, as the Country faced an uncertain future caused by a 'lazy' and arrogant
 Administration's inability to get legislation passed. Planned Efforts to control the mindset and activities of their followers.  

Thoughts that this Black man was elected legally to Head 'their All white man's world', more fearful and disagreeable to consider or bear. 'Him', having the audacity to presume equality status? Inconceivable as 1950 Mississippi. Locked in by historical myths and misinformation mindsets, well educated yet, so culturally ingrained in deeply rooted archaic Superiority views, as such found an identity explanation in annuals of AMA. One demonstrating a mental health problem. 

A psychological emotional commitment to ignorance, a mental disorder. As these attitudes present, brings to mind our own questions about Character profiles, for future Americans. The Character of Americans? Who are we?   
Although the GOP still in basic CULTURE SHOCK and very angry over the 2008 and 2012 re-election as well. 
The political election exposed the GOP'S Racist ideology towards Ethnicity minority American.  Thus the very rich and powerful created a wall of revolt, an impasse. Obstructionism.

Carried out by a "do nothing Congress."  For others, such cross-cultural communication talks or one-on-one discussions are threatening, even emasculating, this mindset often created anxious personalities with the physical appearance of a brain freeze. 

Democracy in the United States does not support a mindset of  Western European culture, or a Self-Appointed Sovereign class. However, this mindset does provide a psychological framework, the set-up if you will, for an emotional psychological disorder/disease,,,, A disconnect to what humanity is. Those infected or suffering this dis-ease, often displays behaviors likened to the denials of a drug addict. 

The drug? It's the lust or greed for Power, Money, Position, and/or Personal Influence to strut - willing to commit any grievous act upon another human for personal gain. Devoid of empathic thought. This greed type personality is usually oblivious to those unlike themselves, resembling the outward activity of the 2012 Congress, who exhibit behaviors more in tune with a thief on the prowl, rather than the Statesmanship behavior expected and paid for!  Thoughtless behaviors of selfishness devoid of Honor, Respect and Integrity.


In the "States," discrimination, prejudice and bigotry are behaviors and actions grounded in an archaic Western European mindset. This erroneous ideal of entitlement and power for themselves was espoused by John Cotton, "The Divine Right to Occupy The  Land,"  and  "It was God's will that they should inhabit all the World."

See 2016 Presidential Candidate, Ted Cruz's  belief structure is grounded in his Mentor's 1630  world view, John Cotton. Cruz's supporters  referrer to the Presidential Candidate, as a 21st Century man with 19 Century ideals, but 17th Century is more accurate. Mr Cruz's Mentor, John Cotton, a 1631 reject from England, wreaking still fumes of the Dark Ages England. Ted Cruz age 18 formed his personal ideology. (see TV News report. 2014-15)

In 1634, the English did not think much of Cotton's manifesto.  To avoid prosecution John Cotton and his "followers" sailed to the new world, where he liken the new world to the plight of Puritans - to the Exodus of the Jewish people from Egypt. Puritans embraced John Cotton and his messages including, "Democracy as Detrimental to Church and State" authored and published by John Cotton in 1636.

Racial Conditioning  in various forms continues to present day, while generations of other ethnic groups have long been moving on, from Plymouth Rock to Curiosity's landing on the planet Mars! Since the end of the civil war Democracy (government through representation - the four Freedoms, the American Way, a democratic country, a Nation part of the free world) the structure and strength of the United States Of America and around the world.

Government's civil rights laws and policies are designed to protect targets from physical harm and their individual civil rights, while the human emotional damage is ignored. Thus, Racism is also about destroying the human spirit (emotions) to allow control, a mind game that insults and destroys.

Racism is Terrorism and is very personal to targets caught in this ungodly, selfish, cruel and disgusting activity. The emotional impact of Racism is psychological devastation. Those engaged is this activity, no matter skin color should be given the government's severest punishment. Such punishments should include Political Leaders, Religious Leaders, and our current Educational System steeped in Institutionalized Racism, who currently and openly practice coded racist activities without consequences. 

Racism continues to exist today because we accept it, because we don't want to get involved. We accept extremely bad behavior from our politicians who lie to us, cheat and steal, including our religious leaders who cover-up, suppress and withhold information to benefit themselves, as well as Corporate Business'. i.e. BP Oil, remember them? Their "you people" attitudes after causing Billions in damages to our water ways, plus the untold damages in irretrievable losses to human families and small business. 
      (Update: BP Oil is now challenging the pay-out dollar
  amount they agreed to, but now are challenging that figure)

Personally I find it disconcerting those we are expected to trust with our lives and spirit, our religious officials, and our local and state government officials, ..too many are untrustworthy.

The reason for this website?  Isn't it time for you and me to decide who we are as a people?  Perhaps some personal Self assessment could be helpful for each of us to discover what's in our hearts.

Government Can't Fix Racism

Racism: Bigotry On Steroids

This challenge is up to us, you and me, including our families and friends. It's up to us to decide the character of our country by what's in our hearts. We have a responsibility, not to a political mind set, but to humankind, all humanity beyond our ability to imagine the future. It's up to us how long racism will be an issue in this country. We must decide who we are. Are our race issues truly about the content of our character? Yours and Mine?
If interested in such things as: open-minded - problem solving, please visit often as we explore ethnic and cultural relations, investigate little known historical truths, including how racism effects us all, no matter skin color.

Now some Good News! A different perspective on Racism. The late college professor and author, Nathan Rutstein, Founder of 
The Institute For The Healing of Racism, left us his words and thoughts, as well as, this rare video conference talk which is a personal summary of his book "Racism: Unraveling the Fear." 
The video reflects a Conference Talk given in mid 90's to a Southwestern community in Arizona, who were experiencing extreme racial difficulties. A grassroots non-profit community driven organization made up of community members, corporate citizens, political and religious leaders, celebrities and educators came together and created programs to address their issues with race relations. Needless to say they have been successful. Today that community continues to embrace the principles and dynamics of cross cultural communications. 
Rembrandt Productions is honored to endorse this rare video from this website free of charge to anyone who has an interest in  improving our country's social interaction with regard to racism and bigotry. Arts and Humanities as vehicle's to communicate to that sense of Self you alone can know what it is to be human, in concert with recognition and awareness of our global humanity. It is hoped you will be inspired by this myth busting video for its historical truth telling delivery. Pass it forward!  

RACISM: Unraveling 
The Fear 

Nathan Rutstein, authorNathan Rutstein. Author, 

A former college educator and TV network journalist, has written 15 books, including Healing Racism In America: A Prescription for the Disease, which was acclaimed an "outstanding book on human rights" by the Gustavus Meyers Center for the Study of Human Rights.

                          Download  FREE VIDEO

This is a powerful book...one that can move readers to do something constructive about racism...it is superbly written.This book not only exposes racisms roots, its nature, and how it impacts on us all, it also offers a workable solution to a problem many people feel is insoluble. 

"The late Arthur Ashe knew how difficult it was to function as a black in America. He was always seen as that "great black tennis player."  He later wrote in his memoirs shortly before he died of AIDS, a disease contracted through blood transfusion during heart surgery. In the book Ashe revealed for the first time in public how racism in his country ...affected him:


"Looking to the government for solutions to the race problem is a waste of time. Until our leaders begin to face their own racial conditioning, you can't expect any meaningful guidance from them.  Most of the members of Congress are locked in denial, as are our state legislators and local political officials. 

Besides, being  successful politicians, their vision is blurred by the need to follow precedent wedded to principles that are the bedrock of obsolete paradigms, and there's always the need to ascertain the population's greatest interests and directing their energy into satisfying them.  Overcoming racism is not what the great majority of American are most interested in. And after reading this book you will know why."   

Despite all of this, not all is lost. There is a dim glimmer of light on the horizon that has the potential of awakening America, hence the National and Global Responses to race-based violence.

We Are One Family
Red Grammer
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  by Red Grammer

Light on the horizon, off starboard bow.
Feel the spirit rising. Hear the mighty shout.
Watch the whole creation turning inside out.
He's making His - Will made known.
The time for peace is now.
Leaders at the table talking about an end
to war. We need more than chess moves.
We've gotta open up the door. And let a
      little sunlight shine on each and every face. 
And in the light the morning, let
them bless the human race.
Singing...We are one family!
We are too close not to let it be.
We are sisters and brothers, a coat 
of many colors, you and me!
Feel the expectation all the world 
              around. Everyone is waiting to hear the             
                      joyful sound. Of all the nations singing,                  
singing out in harmony. There's a New
World in the making Won't you sing
along, sing along with me!
We are one family!
We are too close not to let it be.
    We are sisters and brothers,
   a coat of many colors, you and me!
Shout it from the mountain top,
sail it on the breeze. The only way
we're gonna have
Peace is when we come to see
We are one family!
We are too close not to let it be.
We are sisters and brothers,
a coat of many colors!

  (Perseverance, Persistent - opposite of dilly-dally)
     In the story of the Ugly Duckling when did the Ugly Duckling stop feeling Ugly? When he realized that he was a Swan. Each of us has something Special, a Swan of some sort, hidden inside somewhere. But until we recognize that it's there, what can we do but splash around, treading water? The Wise are Who They Are. They work with what they've got and do what they can do.   
"Our VIRTUES are what's good about us!"
(Music is an art imbued with power to penetrate into the very depth of the soul, imbuing man with the love of VIRTUE -Plato)
Dave Brubeck on Piano
Take Five
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